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Frequently Asked Q's

  • Why is Home Appliance Maintenance Important?
    There are many moving parts to home appliances. Even if you don't recognize them from the outside, there are many things going on internally that require home appliance maintenance. Home appliance maintenance is important to ensure that your appliance works for the entire lifetime. The manufacturer guarantees. The most cases, home appliance maintenance ensures that the appliance last for much longer than the warranty, too. Home appliance maintenance also ensures that warranty remains intact. When you can show that you have properly taken care of your home appliances, the manufacturer will have no recourse except to honor their full warranty. There's nothing worse than the inconvenience of having an appliance break in the middle of meal preparation. To avoid that, home appliance maintenance is highly recommended. For more information, please contact us.
  • Should I repair or replace my appliance?
    Repairing your broken appliance is almost always more cost effective than replacing. If you're not totally sure though, give us a call and we'd be happy to assist you!
  • Does the Appliance Company offer warranty repairs?
    Yes! The Appliance Company performs warranty repairs on most appliance brands. See the "Services" page for more information. Give us a call first!
  • Can The Appliance Company install new appliances for me?
    Yes! Give us a call today!
  • How long has The Appliance Company been in business?
    The Appliance Company has been in business since 1984. See the "About" page for more info!
  • Does The Appliance Company repair commercial appliances?
    At this time we only offer residential appliance repair.
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